Philip Tonkin, Global Head of Cyber Operational Technology at National Grid

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IT security consultant with over 20 years of experience with specialization in ICS cybersecurity,  Computer Forensics, eDiscovery and Information Security Management System. Trainer cooperated with academia, universities and training centres delivers lectures concerning all aspects of ICS cybersecurity, information security, risk management (ISO/IEC 27005), ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001), BCM (ISO/IEC 22301), cyber threats and investigations on cybercrimes. Former law Enforcement Officer, until 2014 member of the Management Board of Europol, Polish representative to Heads of Europol National Unit forum, member of a working group of IT and corporate systems. Product Manager. Former Head of Europol National Unit in Poland responsible for the area of fighting of cybercrimes and IP crimes. Holder of many of IT certifications: CISSO, CDFE, CPTE, ISO/IEC 27001 - Lead Auditor, CDRE, Lead PenTest Professional, ICS cybersecurity.



ANDY KLING, Director of Cybersecurity and Software Practices, schneider electric

Andy has over thirty-five years of software development experience. He has worked in the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) development organization at Schneider Electric since 2001. Andy has ushered the Schneider Electric Process Automation Development team to the first in the world ISA Secure - Secure Development Lifecycle Assurance certification at multiple development sites, on three different continents. Andy actively participates in developing world-leading cybersecurity standards such as ISA/IEC 62443. In this responsibility Andy is chartered with improving the Secure Development Lifecycle adoption, ensuring that cybersecurity is part of every product produced.


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Chris Blask,Global Director Industrial and IoT Security at Unisys

Chris Blask has been involved in the industrial control system and information security industries for more than twenty-five years.

Mr. Blask’s career spans the breadth of the cybersecurity spectrum. He invented one of the first commercial firewall products, built a multi-billion dollar firewall business at Cisco System, co-founded an early SIEM vendor and authored the first book on SIEM. Today he is Director of Webster University’s Cyberspace Research Institute where he oversees the operation of the Knowledge Sharing Directorate. He is also a Senior Partner at Fearless Security.

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Nathaniel Evans, Cyber Operations Analysis and Research Lead, Argonne National Laboratory

While at Argonne National Laboratory, Nathaniel serves as the program lead for cybersecurity Analysis and Research within the Strategic Security Sciences Division.   He is considered a key asset by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in several cybersecurity capabilities including the development of a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment called the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Survey Tool, currently used by the Cybersecurity Advisors (CSAs) and Protective Security Advisors (PSAs) to evaluate critical infrastructure around the Nation.  Additionally, Nate has worked on a variety analysis of cybersecurity consequence and threat studies for the National Risk Management Center and led the first ever cyber-physical regional resiliency assessment.  

He has been published in numerous subject areas including Moving Target Defense, where he developed an R&D 100 awarding instance called MORE-MTD, workforce development efforts in competitions such as the CyberForce Competition, Social Engineering, Cyber Dependencies, Regional Cyber Security and Internet Modeling and built one of the first public funded internet modeling testbed called ISEAGE.   

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Rick Kaun is the VP of Solutions for Verve Industrial Protection: a Control System Integrator primarily focused on Cyber Security. For over 14 years he has worked with all manner of industries on all sizes of projects around the word from front end scoping to large scale design and deployment of end to end cyber security programs. From regulated industries to best practice thought leaders Rick always strives to help his clients create a manageable, scalable and cost effective cyber security program.


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